Meet Terry

Terry Thomason


Terry brings a unique perspective to investing and retirement planning utilizing over 21 years of industry and technical strengths to evaluate for optimal strategies to today’s retirement planning challenges. Terry approaches each individual with a diagnostic ear to help solve their unique retirement planning concerns. Replica Wealth Advisors Inc.utilizes Social Security Maximization strategies to help optimize benefits to coordinate with distribution income from other sources like 401K, IRA’s and savings to help achieve your retirement planning goals. Whether you live, die or become disabled our goal is to solve for the capital you will need to live the way you want to live the rest of your life, transfer your estate in a meaningful way that you desire upon your death.

Terry and his wife Sherry of 35+ years live in Colorado Springs and have seven grandchildren. They are both actively involved in volunteering and serving in their local church. Terry enjoys the outdoors of golfing and hiking the trails of Colorado’s highest peaks.